Friday, May 30, 2014



Early in the morning, a 40 footer trailer truck arrived and reached our factory. A good and responsible driver managed to reach on time with a safe journey as he promised. Thanks a lot of your cooperation.

All the goods consist of Engine and Half cut parts:
1) Toyota Estima 2AZ
2) Daihatsu Yard K3 Turbo
3) Mitsubishi Lancer (Proton) 4G93, 4G15
4) Mercedes Benz 190E
5) Honda Civic D17A
6) Nissan Engine GA16
7) Mitsubishi (Proton) Engine 4G15, 4G92, 4G64
8) Honda Engine B18C
9) Daihatsu Engine 14B

Both of our efficient equipment were refilled with sufficient fuel to run this mission in advance. All the team members reached on time and get ready to challenge this mission. The mission had been completed within few hours (approximately 2-3 hours) as all of them well experienced to handle it.

Sure, a icy-cool drinks been served within this period. So as a delicious meals been served after all the hard-works been contributed by team members.

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